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Terms of Use and Disclaimer Agreement

Shenzhen IoT Yaoertai Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Yet" or "We") especially remind you to carefully read and fully understand every term in the Terms of Use and Disclaimer Agreement (hereafter referred to as"this Agreement") and choose whether to accept this Agreement or not.

This Agreement has a legal binding for your behavior of using the software, and you have promised and ensured the rights and abilities in concluding this agreement. Please carefully read and understand the terms in this agreement, including the disclaimer terms of exonerating Yet from any legal responsibilities and limiting users’ rights (minor review should be accompanied by legal guardian); if you cannot accept all the terms in this agreement, please do not start using this software.


To facilitate the use of this software, you need to register an account and provide relevant personal information.

You must promise and guarantee:

1.1 All the registration information you submit must be authentic and accurate;

1.2 You are using this software for legal purposes;

1.3 You must promise to keep your login information confidential and make sure the information shall not be obtained or utilized by others, and be responsible for all your behavior under the software account. You must inform us at first time of any (suspected) unauthorized use or behavior which may violate laws. We will not take any legal responsibility for your loss caused by your failing to comply with the above requirements.

2、End User Agreement

2.1 Permission

According to the provisions in the Agreement, Yet will grant you the right to download, install, and use the software in your network communication equipment, computer equipment and mobile communication equipment, which is non-transferable and non-exclusive license.

2.2 Restrictive Terms

Your authorization will be subjected to the following restrictions:

2.2.1 You cannot license, sell, lease, transfer, distribute this software in any form, or use it for any commercial purpose.

2.2.2 You cannot modify, interpret, edit, merge, decompose, reconstruct, reverse compile, or reverse engineer any part or derivations of this software, unless these restrictions are prohibited by laws.

2.2.3 You cannot use this software for the purposes of creating similar competitive services.

2.2.4 You cannot remove or destroy any copyright statement or ownership tags contained in the software.

2.3 Right Attribution

The related intellectual property rights in the software (including all the software copyright, patent, trademark, etc.) belong to Yet.

3、User Content

3.1 User Content

3.1.1 User content refers to all the content produced by users when download, publish, or use the software in any other ways, including but not limited to your account, email address, pictures, gender, date of birth and other information.

3.1.2 You are the only responsible person for your user content. You need to bear all the risks of you or the third party being identified due to user information disclosure.

3.1.3 You have agreed that your user content will be subject to the conditions of article.

3.2 Feedback

All the suggestions (or called “feedback”) you proposed to Yet are deemed to be total rights transfer and are considered as unclassified or non-exclusive.

4、 Limitation of Rights

4.1 In the process of using this software, you will undertake all legal responsibilities in the risks caused by the following behavior:

4.1.1 Damage the basic principles of the Constitution;

4.1.2 Endanger the country security, leak the nation secrets, subversion, or undermine the national unity;

4.1.3 Damage the nation's honor and interests;

4.1.4 Incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermine national unity

4.1.5 Destroy the country's religious policy, promote cults and feudal superstition

4.1.6 Spread rumors, disturb social order and undermine social stability

4.1.7 Spread obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism content or abet crime;

4.1.8 Insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

4.1.9 Contain other contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative rules and regulations.

4.2 You have agreed not to engage in the following behavior using this software:

4.2.1 Release or share computer viruses, worms, malicious code, vandalism or change a computer system or data of any software.

4.2.2 Collect information or data of other users like e-mail, etc. under no authorization.

4.2.3 Malicious use of this software in an automated way to cause excessive burden to the server or interfere with or damage to the web server and the network connection in other ways.

4.2.4 Try to access the server data or communication data under no authorization

4.2.5 Interfere or damage the software use of other users.

5、Modification and Termination

5.1 Modification

5.1.1 This agreement allows to change. Yet reserves the right to modify, retain, interrupt or shut down any service enclosed in the software without notice.

5.1.2 You have agreed that Yet will take no responsibility for you and the third party due to the modification, retention, or any service shut-down of this software.

5.2 Termination

5.2.1 This agreement takes effect from the date when you accept it, and sustains to be effective in the process of using until the natural termination through version changes.

5.2.2 Once the termination of this agreement comes, the rights of your using this software will be terminated. Yet will take no responsibility for you because of termination of this agreement, including terminate your account and remove your user content.

5.2.3 If users violate the service regulations stated in the Agreement, Yet has the right to interrupt or end the network services (including charging for the network service) in this Agreement at any time without taking any responsibility to the users or any third parties.

6、The Third Party

6.1 For the convenience of your operation and enrich your experience, there may be some information or services provided by the third parties.

6.1.1 Yet do not control and will be not responsible for third-party information or services; you should take legal responsibility for the risks of using third-party information or service.

6.1.2 You should adopt third-party terms and policies while accessing to third-party information or services.

6.2 Other Users

6.2.1 This software includes user content offered by other users. Yet does not control or assume any legal responsibility for these content. Yet do not have the obligation of checking, monitoring, approving, authorizing, committing or guaranteeing the user content. You must take legal responsibility for the risks caused by user content in interaction with other users.

6.2.2 Yet will take no legal responsibility for the behavior of interactions between users and other users. You have agreed that Yet do not assume any legal responsibility for these interaction behavior.


7.1 You have agreed to use this software harmlessly, avoiding causing any complaints, litigation, loss, damage, liability, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees) from any third-party to Yet.

7.2 Yet reserves the right for exclusive defense and indemnity.

7.3 You have agreed that, without the written consent from Yet, you cannot reach into any form of unilateral reconciliation in the lawsuit in together with Yet against any third-party.

7.4 Yet will make reasonable effort to notify you with the litigation, litigation actions or proceedings.

7.5 The software takes no indemnity or responsibility for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special or punitive damages caused by this Agreement for you or any third party in any case. You should take the risks of damages to computer system or mobile communication equipment database while accessing or using this software.

8、 Disclaimer

8.1 Provide your personal information according to laws and regulations or the requirements of concerned government departments.

8.1.1 Provide your personal information according to laws and regulations or the requirements of concerned government departments.

8.1.2 Any personal information leakage due to your improper use.

8.1.3 Service interruption, disruption or any situation that cannot meet the requirements of users caused by hacker attack, computer virus, illegal information, harassing information shielding, government administration and other network, technology, communication line breakdowns, or information security management measures.

8.1.4 Damages caused by communication line breakdown of third parties, technical problems, network, computer breakdown, unstable system or force majeure.

8.2 This software is provided as the current edition, and users should take the possible potential risks and damages. Yet expressly declare that Yet does not take guarantee in any explicit or implicit form for the promptness, security or accuracy of service from this software and the cooperating companies.

8.3 This software has the function to control physical products. It is supposed that you have been fully aware of the results and potential risks happened in operation when use third-party products supported by Yet devices or software. Thus, you are responsible for any loss or risks in the operation instead of Yet.

8.4 The user data in this software are generated in the using process by your spontaneous input. Yet will make the greatest effort to protect the accuracy in collecting, transmitting, and disposing with user data, but the information provided in the software is only for reference. Yet will take no responsibility for the accuracy, authenticity and completeness for those data.

9、Privacy Policy

The "Privacy Policy" is part of this Agreement, and can be found in the last part of this Agreement. Please carefully read and understand all the content in the privacy Agreement.

10、Agreement Modification

Yet reserves the right to amend the Terms of this Agreement when necessary. Once the revised agreement has been posted on Yet official website, it will replace the original one and take effect immediately. If the users continue to enjoy the network service, they will be considered to accept the terms of service. Whereas, if users do not agree with the changes in the content, they can take the initiative to cancel the web service. Users can log in at any time to consult the latest agreement, and shall have the obligation to focus on or read the latest version of the Agreement and website announcement from time to time.

11、Laws Application

This agreement applies to the laws of the People's Republic of China. If any disputation happens, the two sides should solve it through friendly negotiation principle; if negotiation fails, users should lodge a complaint to courts seated in the same city with Yet.


If some of the clauses in this Agreement are not applicable due to reasons, they will be modified in accordance with the laws and other provisions in this Agreement continue to be applicable.


13.1 This is the final, integrate and exclusive agreement between you and Yet, and can replace and merger discussions and agreement on such matters by the concerned parties.

13.2 Unless granted with written permission from Yet, you cannot transfer the rights and obligations specified in this agreement. Any transferring behavior that violates of the rules is considered as invalid.

Privacy Policy

Shenzhen IoT Yaoertai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yet", "our company", "we") understand the importance of user privacy for you (including natural persons, legal persons, other organizations who obtain or use the software through a variety of legal ways, hereinafter referred to as "user" or "you"). We aim to specify how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and storage the users information. This Privacy Policy outlines our information processing practices.

Please do not submit any personal data or private data to us before careful reading or understanding or this Agreement. When you choose to use this product or service, it is regarded that you have already known and agreed with all the terms and conditions of this declaration, and volunteered to take full responsibility and risk in using the product or service. If you don't agree with this declaration, please stop using our product or service.

1、Information Collection and Use

1.1 Personal Information Collection

1.1.1 When you create a Yet account, download and update Yet software, feedback in Yet, attend online activities or interaction with Yet, we will request you to provide personal information, including but not limited to your name, phone number, E-mail address, mailing address, etc.

1.1.2 When you use Yet products to share your content with family and friends, send information and products or invite others, Yet will collect personal information you have provided with the above people, such as name, email address, and phone number.

1.1.3 We may collect information from your terminal product system and application for the purpose of informing you in time of the available system and application updates. For this purpose, the collected information includes but not limited to, name of equipment, systems and application version, operating system and browser version, regional and language settings and equipment identification information (IMEI, ESN or MEID, SN), network coding, etc. Our conduct of handling the above information is only limited to inform you that application update is available.

1.2 Use of Personal Information

1.2.1 Yet will use your personal information in strict compliance with the contents of this Privacy Policy and its updates. Your personal information will be used only for the purpose of the collection that has been identified and approved by you. If there is any other purposes, we will obtain your consent in advance. Our collection of information will be used for the following purposes:

(1)Personal information we collect will serve you or your device to register and provide the service or function you request;

(2)Our advertising services, such as providing customized advertising and sponsorship content (including you can learn more about the details here through our advertising services) and send you promotional information;

(3)Learn about the way you use our services, so that we can improve our services and develop new products and services (including your opinion on our products and services, as well as the implementation of customer surveys).

(4)The personal information we collect will be used to communicate with you, for example, informing you when our product or service is updated at the first time;

(5)If you join the draw, quiz or similar promotional activities we held in the legal permission, we will provide you with personal information for the management of such activities;

(6)Your information of mobile user identification, unique identification code of mobile device and location information can be used to activate Yet product or specific functions of service you use, such information for improving our products and services, but we will not use the information to track your position situation;

(7)For other purposes under your consent.

1.2.2 Yet will collect and use your information in strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and the contents of this privacy policy. Unless you hold a written authorization document issued by Yet, the staff will not directly ask you for personal information. If you encounter such a situation, you can contact us directly.

1.3 Collection of Non-Personal Information

1.3.1 When you create Yet account, download Yet App and its update, respond to the online survey, or take part in other Yet interaction, we will collect your information such as language, zip code, area code and use associated sensing products or time zone services.

1.3.2 Feedback information of usage: when you submit feedback on our products and services, we will have anonymous statistics needed to collect you to contact sensing products and services using the habits related information. And when the system is out of the normal exit and collapse, we will collect the phone's current environmental information to facilitate the diagnosis of the problem.

1.3.3 Server record related information: Yet will collect your server end record relevant information, such as message notification and data upload, download, control, browse, environmental monitoring, equipment status user behavior related data. These data are regarded as non-personal information.

1.3.4 Location information: we need to collect your location information when you use the location - based program services and functions provided by Yet. For example, when you use the scene based on the location, time zone based upon the position, optimize weather by the location or obtain map location information, your location information may be remanded to provide you the right content.

1.3.5 Cookie and other technologies: in order to better experience of optimize use, we may collect cookies data user generated during the use of the relevant. But our cookies will not be used to identify your personal identity, only for you to visit, and provide better and more convenient services for you.

1.4 Use of Non-Personal Information

1.4.1 We collected non-personal information such as language, zip code, area code and the time zone after using Yet products service, which can help us better understand users’ behavior and improve our products and services.

1.4.2 We can analyze feedback you submit, the server record related information and other content to continue to constantly improve products and services operating experience, performance, fix the problem, improve the functional design etc.

2、Selection of Information

2.1 You can modify your device settings from the device settings. For example: change or disable positioning method and positioning server, or modify the accuracy of your location information, thus changing the position information provided by Yet.

2.2 You can modify your browser settings to reject or accept cookies, or you can remove it from your storage device at any time, or notify you when writing cookies.

3、Information Safety

Yet adopts generally accepted safety standards of the industry and encryption to take measures to protect the user's personal identity information and data, to ensure that your information will not be access, use or disclosure without authorization. (1) In terms of technology, Yet uses anti-virus software, encryption and protection, monitoring system, to enhance the protection of the object data center. (2) In terms of the system, through the knowledge of the security and privacy protection of the Yet staff to protect the knowledge training, to ensure that employees understand the importance of data protection. However, based on the inherent defects and operational risks of the network, and the combination of sensors cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information.

4、Information Sharing

4.1 Unless the privacy policy stated in the limited sharing, we will strictly confident your personal information, and will not share your information to the third party.

4.2 In this case, we will share your personal information with third parties without you agreement:

(1)We will share these personal information with third parties for legal investigation, litigation, enforcement or other legal mandatory requirements.

(2)We provide personal information to our subsidiaries, affiliated companies or other trusted businesses or individuals, so that they can be on behalf us to handle personal information, and we ask the parties to agree in accordance with the provisions, this Privacy Policy and any other applicable confidentiality and security measures to deal with the personal information.

(3)If we restructure, merger or sale, we will transfer all the personal information we collect before, and continue in accordance with the existing privacy policy constraints to protect its secrecy and will notify all affected users in a reasonable manner;

(4)We may share a reasonable summary of non-personal information with the public and partners based on the need to operate or protect users, such as in order to show the overall use of our products or services trends;

(5)We may provide you with some services through some partners, which may therefore shares some of your personal data to the partners for enriching our service and meeting your needs. For example, when you decide to online purchase Yet products, it needs to submit your personal data to the relevant logistics companies, so these manufacturers will deliver products to you, or allows our partners to provide you other customer service.

5、The Scope of Application of Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy does not apply to third party products and / or services. Where the text or icon marked from the third party, the final content determined by third parties and to provide, we are not the content of any form of censorship, for any of the information collected by the website or other service security or privacy, we do not assume any legal responsibility. You should be careful, and view the privacy policy applicable to the use of the third party sites and services.

6、Collection and Use of Minor Information

6.1 The product or service that is used by the minors should be under the permission of the legal guardian.

6.2 If you are a minor, you need to make sure that you have obtained the consent of your legal guardian before providing personal information.

7、Revision of this Privacy Policy

Although this privacy policy illustrates the Yet standards that are being followed in the protection of privacy, these standards may change. If there is an update, Yet will notify you of the change in the content and effective date in the form of the release of the revised version.

Yet Co., Ltd.

Nov. 28th, 2017